Functional morphology of invasive fish

Mike and Leo are currently recruiting an MSc student for a project on the functional morphology of round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) throughout their invasive range. Read more about it here.


Rhine river fish recruitment

Twan is a PhD student working on the recruitment of fish in the river Rhine




The InnoRays project aims at getting a better understanding about the dynamics of ray populations within the North Sea. This is done by getting better estimates of the amounts of rays caught in fisheries, but also by deriving population estimates by means of  Close Kin Mark Recapture (CKMR). CKMR is attempted for two ray species in the North Sea. The work is done together with Hendrik-Jan Megens at ABG.


Paul was involved in the BestTuna project, a research program at Wageningen UR aimed at contributing science to promote the sustainability of global tuna stocks. this project is now in the final stages of completion.